Covid, Ukraine-Krieg, Wirtschaftsschwäche Was in China derzeit schiefläuft

Die Zero-Covid-Strategie droht zu scheitern, die Wirtschaft zeigt Schwäche und mit seiner Russland-Treue bereitet sich China keinen Gefallen: Staatschef Xi Jinping macht derzeit reihenweise Fehler.
Ein Orignaltext aus dem "Economist"
Foto: Hector Retamal / AFP

China’s risky year

What China gets wrong

The pandemic, the economy and the war in Ukraine

It is often said that China’s government plans decades ahead, carefully playing the long game as democracies flip-flop and dither. But in Shanghai right now there is not much sign of strategic genius. Even as the rest of the world has reopened, 25m people are in a citywide lockdown, trapped in their apartments and facing food and medical shortages that not even China’s censors can cover up. The zero-covid policy has become a dead end from which the Communist Party has no quick exit.

It is one of a trio of problems faced by China this year, alongside a misfiring economy and the war in Ukraine. You may think they are unconnected, but China’s response to each has a common root: swagger and hubris in public, an obsession with control in private, and dubious results. Rather than being the product of statecraft with the Yellow Emperor’s time horizon, China’s actions reflect an authoritarian system under Xi Jinping that struggles to calibrate policy or admit when it is wrong.

This is the year for China’s president when everything has to follow the script. In the autumn he is expected to use a five-yearly party congress to launch a third term as its chief, in defiance of norms that he step aside after two and opening a pathway to lifelong rule. For this coronation to go smoothly, China must be stable and successful.

In some ways Mr Xi has triumphed. The propagandists can boast of a covid-19 mortality rate that is the lowest of any big country, and an economy that has grown by more than any other in the g20 since 2018. As Europe descends into war, China stands apart and secure, with a growing nuclear arsenal and the muscle and money to project power from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Yet look closer and Mr Xi’s final year as a political mortal betrays China’s weaknesses under his rule as well as its strengths. Start with the pandemic. Since the virus was detected in Wuhan, China has pursued a zero-covid strategy. Its borders have been closed for two years and outbreaks are met with quarantines, coercive mass testing and harsh lockdowns. Early on, China’s rulers decided on a giant utilitarian experiment, leading to a largely covid-free life for the majority, at the cost of forfeited individual liberties, pain for those in lockdown and national isolation.

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