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Den Sumpf trockenlegen Warum die US-Demokraten eine Kurs-Korrektur brauchen

Die Demokratin Elizabeth Warren könnte den Sumpf um Joe Biden trockenlegen

Donald Trump ist es gelungen, Joe Biden und seine Familie als Teil des Washingtoner Lobbyisten-Sumpfs anzuklagen. Das macht den Weg frei für Elizabeth Warren.

As a result of his Ukraine shenanigans, Donald Trump looks increasingly as if he is mortally wounded. Establishment Democrats are understandably relishing the moment. With more Americans favoring impeachment now, they feel the tide is turning against Trump.

There also is special justice in the fact that Donald Trump is tripping up over a phone call to Ukraine. This applies all the more so as Mr. Trump has been making a White House visit by Ukraine's new president conditional upon "dealing with President Putin… to see peace in Ukraine."

By that, Mr. Trump presumably refers to a Ukrainian acknowledgment of the legality of the invasion and occupation of Crimea.

Is Joe Biden really inevitable?

But the Democrats should not rejoice too early. The presumed "inevitability" of Joe Biden as the party's 2020 presidential candidate is now in question.

As unpleasant as it is for the Democrats to admit, it is important to recognize that Donald Trump has succeeded in one crucial regard: He has managed to create a "double swamp."

Trump's "double swamp" strategy

Swamp one is the utterly egregious way in which Donald Trump and his clan have mixed their personal business interests and government service. That has long been on the public's radar.

Swamp two concerns the Democrats. While they are not anywhere as egregious as Trump and the Republicans, ever since the onset of the Clinton presidency in 1992, turning government service subsequently into a personal goldmine for oneself and one's kin has become a standard practice for Democrats as well.

Stephan-Götz Richter

The idea that this second swamp exists had receded into the background with the 2016 election loss of Hillary Clinton. With his phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky, Donald Trump has put the Democratic swamp back in the public eye.

That, notably, is not a partisan Republican statement, but one that most Sanders and Warren supporters in the Democratic primaries would underwrite.

The Biden swamp

At the moment, Democrats may argue that no charges have ever been brought in Ukraine against Joe Biden's son Hunter.

Whether or not those findings will stand for the rest of the 2020 election season remains to be seen. What is sure is that the ever-cunning Donald Trump has managed to seed doubt about the sense of propriety of the Democratic Party's "nobility."

Of course, Trump did that to obscure his own wrongdoings which are blatant. But Trump has always regarded going on the attack as the best way of defending himself. Duplicitous as he is, he has no reservation whatsoever against opting for that.

Trump also knows Americans' soul. He firmly counts on voters' lack of ability (or interest) in proper differentiation. To him and them, it's sort of a draw as long as both sides are fighting charges of impropriety.

Trump is also well aware that elections are often won by asymmetric demobilization. (Betting on that is a rare common feature between him and Germany's Angela Merkel). Hence, the key to victory is to get as many voters for one's opponent to feel frustrated for some reason and not go to the polls.

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