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US-Wahlkampf Trump und die Angst des weißen Mannes - vor Hillary Clinton

Trump, Clinton: The rise of Trump shows just how elemental the worries about seeing Hillary in the White House are among white men.

Der Erfolg von Donald Trump gründet auf Angst, meint Stephan Richter, deutscher Gründer und Herausgeber von "The Globalist". Es ist die Angst vor Fremden, Angst, seine Familie nicht mehr versorgen zu können - und die Angst vor Hillary Clinton.

Washington's political establishment remains stunned by Donald Trump's continued pole position in the polls. They had thought that Mr. Trump would definitely have self-destructed by now - whether with his remarks about women or immigrants. In defying that expectation, Trump in effect joyrides the entire American establishment.

That he hasn't done so has actually little to do with the political realm. His staying power in the polls is the result of elemental and existential forces.

While many American commentators believe that Trump flips out rather uncontrollably from time to time, it is at least worth considering the opposite scenario: What if all of this is more or less calculated?

The FOH factor (Fear of Hillary)

If Trump does not want to go down as a loser, and that is against his elemental nature, he must be sure that he defines his key opponent. Only amateurs believe that Trump sees the rest of the Republican field - "losers" as he called them - as his opposing number.

Stephan-Götz Richter
To him, the real opponent is Hillary. And, paradoxically, the better he manages to define her - instinctively and almost imperceptibly - without ever really talking about her, the more successful he will be in the end.

In a nutshell: Trump will loom large just as long as Hillary Clinton does. Trump and Clinton are the conjoined twins of American politics - and of the 2016 presidential race.

Trump, as a phenomenon (rather than as a mere presidential candidate), is a direct reflection of a profound nationwide fear. The rise of Trump shows just how elemental the worries about seeing Hillary in the White House are among white men.

That fear is prominent especially among men in the United States and concerns the potential arrival of a woman as president of the United States. Hillary Clinton symbolizes just about everything that has "old-school" American men - and there are many of those - afraid.

Trump knows how to play on that fear to perfection. At the recent Iowa State Fair, where all real presidential contenders have to show up, Trump arrived from atop, in his helicopter, circling above the assembled masses who were all awed by the way of his arrival.

Hillary, meanwhile, was trotting along among the mere pedestrians on the ground. The image was unmistakable: Trump played the part of "Dominus" - and put the woman that is perceived as "Domina" by so many firmly into her place.

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